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Our story

Our Story

"I have left Vietnam at the age of 20 to pursuit a perfumery career, without knowing anything about fragrances. My first knowledge of perfumery was formed thanks to a small box of perfume ingredients, where I smelt Patchouli, Vétiver, Cedarwood, Vanillin, Iris, etc. Iris butter transported me to my summer vacation in my grandfather's hometown in Binh Dinh. My tiny feet touched the ground between two rice fields and gave me a chill, cooling feeling, just like smelling this rich powdery Iris butter. Essence Rose Bulgari smells like delicious Vietnamese litchi Essence Ylang Ylang reminded me of my grand mother's pocket and ripped banana peels. And so on. Those "marmottes" (small bottle 3ml) have enabled me to discover the emotional power of scent and allow me to make my first step into that fascinating world.

I know many of you, perfume lovers and enthusiasts learning like me, who desire to know more about this mysterious world. Hence, I have created these perfume ingredients box, in collaboration with Scents Vortex | L'Apogée, to make the world of fragrances more accessible to everyone, especially to my beloved Vietnamese."

-A perfume-catcher -

Packaging Philosophy 

We do our best to limit the usage of plastic and pay attention to the environment. However, we still have to use a plastic bag to protect the smelling strips from odor contamination and foam rubber to hold the raw material bottles to avoid leakage. But we are always looking for non-plastic alternatives. 

We try to do it at the smallest size possible to lower the box and booklet's carbon footprint.

Ingredients & Sourcing 

We sourced our perfumery ingredients from the best suppliers that we could find. 

You will find in our box a combination of natural raw materials as well as synthetic raw materials. They are both essential to the perfumers’ palette. We want to bring you a wide olfactive range with common raw materials (like Rose, Vétiver, Patchouli, ISO E super, etc.) and those are not common to consumers but very important to perfumers ( Aldehyde C14, Galaxolide, IBQ, Ionone,...)